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PG&E: California power firm to pay $13.5bn to wildfire victims

A firefighter battles the Camp Fire blaze in Paradise, California

Californian utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has agreed a $13.5bn (£10.2bn) settlement with victims of wildfires in the state.

The company’s equipment has been linked to several blazes including the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history, 2018’s Camp Fire.

PG&E filed for bankruptcy this year and has already settled with insurers and local authorities.

The agreements should allow the firm to emerge from bankruptcy.

PG&E’s settlement relates to claims over several deadly blazes:

PG&E President Bill Johnson said since entering the bankruptcy process "getting wildfire victims fairly compensated, especially the individuals, has been our primary goal.

"We want to help our customers, our neighbours and our friends in those impacted areas recover and rebuild after these tragic wildfires," he said.

This year saw yet more rampant wildfires and the firm sought to prevent them by cutting off power to customers in California.

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